McTeaの世界 | 【夏威夷】《Honolulu Cookie Company》的曲奇餅
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【夏威夷】《Honolulu Cookie Company》的曲奇餅


在去夏威夷的機上雜誌就看到了這間《Honolulu Cookie Company》把它們家的曲奇餅拍得很吸引人喔﹐心想到步後不知有沒有時間去找間分店買來試試﹖想不到在我們住的酒店不到一個街口的路上就有咯﹗到步的第一天晚上去買《Sam’s Kitchen》的便當時看到先進去試食﹐離開前的一晚再回來買。


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↓ 這裡有很多包好了的禮盒裝﹐大小任君選擇。

↓ 剛剛買了曲奇餅很滿足的麥茶(請忽略外表頭髮亂亂的素顏麥茶)

↓ 雖然禮盒裝看來很不錯﹐但還是買自選的一盒十個較好﹐只選自己想吃的口味嘛。
(左至右)Pineapple Macadamia, Lilikoi Mango, Butter Macadamia, Chocolate Dipped Macadamia, Mango Macadamia

↓ 用來做下午茶的甜點不單外型可愛﹐還超好吃的

↓ 它的網站有郵購服務﹐但郵費很貴 ﹔我雖然想再吃﹐但還是想想就好了~

《Honolulu Cookie Company》
2552 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815

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  • May Ho
    Posted at 06:46h, 14 1 月 回覆

    I saw you added me on facebook.. you got gmail account right? I will add you tomorrow.. are you able to chat at work by using gmail?
    well.. because your blog didn’t allow other to leave message,,and I am not good with typing chinese so I didn’t create account at that time..too lazy
    go to my facebook, you will see my Maldvies’ photo, I stayed at anantara veil, because that is the best price in Dec, of course I like your hotel, but can’t afford it..
    hey, you mention about the Hiroki@ UW, is that one got good green tea tiramisu? I try to find out where is Wasabi Bistro’s green ea tiramisu coming from?
    I might go to HK & China with my honey in March, but it is really depends on how busy is my work… you know at this time it is very good to have a job instead getting unemployment…
    版主回覆:(01/15/2011 07:17:59 AM)
    Yup, I got a gmail account, but I don’t think I would be able to chat at work; coz the chat functionality is blocked :p
    I saw your Maldives photos, very nice, esp. the sunset!! You two looked very sweet together also (^///^ ) Seems like Anantara is very popular in HK…..
    Yes, Hiroki has real good green tea tiramisu, my fave green tea tiramisu in Seattle. Umm….no idea where Wasabi Bistro’s come from? Don’t they make their own?
    You’re exactly right, job security is very important nowadays!!

  • May Ho
    Posted at 19:14h, 16 1 月 回覆

    in dec 2009 Anantara was very price reasonable . Dec is peak season… of course very expensive… I hear sheraton/full moon is not too bad too.. cuz I met a hk couple ..they went to full moon first then Anantara..they said full moon is better…Anantara is just 4 star..the food is less choice.. and we were just too cheap to join any tour to see the fish or snorke that time..LOL..
    Wasabi didn’t make their own tiramisu..the waitress told me they bought it from outsie.of course she will not tell me where they get it from..she said somewhere from capital hill..but never find it…
    版主回覆:(01/18/2011 01:16:29 AM)
    Really? I heard the opposite (@-@?)
    People’s been telling me that Full Moon is just so-so.
    Well, it doesn’t matter really, diff people have diff expectation 🙂
    ic, u can give Hiroki a try when you have time (^。^)

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